Initially, I had hoped to have a video podcast showing you examples of a few mandalas I have made, and the peacefulness that lace knitting brings me, but unfortunately, the video could not be converted and uploaded.  I was going to share with you my disappointment at not being able to upload it, but instead, I decided to share with you the text of the vlog and a few pictures from it instead.

Hey there, and welcome to another edition of Sherwooks Nook.  Remember when I said I would show you a Mandala?  Well, today’s the day.  Take a look here at what I’m talking about.

A mandala means different things to different people.  Different religions apply different meanings to mandalas.  In Christianity, for example, forms which are reminiscent of mandalas include the Celtic cross, the rosary, the halo, the Crown of Thorns, and rose windows, just to name a few.  For pychotherapist Carl Jung, the making of mandalas (for him, circular drawings) represented moments of intense personal growth and their appearance indicated a profound re-balancing was occurring in an individual’s life.  Hmmm, okaaaay.  For me, they are a beautiful lace creation that I knit.  Many patterns for mandalas are actually doily patterns that you merely stretch over wire or an embroidery hoop.  You can find other examples of hand knit mandalas on the web.


It is easy for some knitters to easily say that lace knitting is just a lot of yarn overs.   That’s somewhat true, but it is the placement of those yarn overs, in combination with other stitches like nupps and slip overs and the addition of beads that add character to the yarn overs.


I find lace knitting cathartic.  There is something especially therapeutic about the attention that needs to be paid to the item at hand and the beauty of the result that is especially calming and restorative for me.  I don’t know if it is the focus I have to give to lace projects that essentially puts me in a mindfulness state (I usually only work on lace during the summer months when the days are longer and the television shorter) or if it is the actual creation of making such a fine, weblike creation.  Whatever it is, it never seems to fail that each summer I get a craving to hold some really fine yarn in my hands and create something beautiful with it.


Well, thank you for joining me again.  I hope you all have a good week!


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